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7 Lockdown Productivity Hack

Lockdown Productivity Hacks

Lockdown Productivity Hacks

Firstly, hoping you all are in pink of health. If not, then sending tons of positive vibes, hang in there and you will get well soon.
Talking about the lockdown, we all know that the cat is out of the bag meaning we have lost control and it has been increasing every single day. No matter how much you try to not accept the reality, nothing is going to change. So the first thing to acknowledge is that the world outside is facing the worst situations. Some people are tempted to move out and travel while others are suffering from the actual disease or are mentally unstable by staying indoors for the past year and a half. But does it mean, you need to give in too? Is that counting as an effort to save the world or be healthy and happy? Delaying your plans and goals does not bother you anymore?
Well, if you are waiting for an answer then I’d urge you to take a pause and think for yourself.

Now that you have thought it through or even barely scratched the surface, let me tell you, you have come one step closer to Acceptance and Awareness. Now your second step would be to look out for “What action is to be taken to make things better for self?”

Here, I am sharing some ways to be Productive in this Lockdown and make the best out of it. Before we move further, please remember – to start is everything. You do not need to have an external or internal motivation every time. Because the reality is that there will be a day or maybe even days wherein you won’t feel motivated by anything but what will keep you on track would be nothing but Discipline. Just show up and do your best each day, you’d experience great changes. So let us begin…

Acknowledge the reality

This global pandemic is something that was unexpected and uncalled for. But it happened and we all are doing our best to reduce it by staying home, helping, and taking care. It’s been a year and a half and a lot of people especially teenagers are assuming it is a vacation and wasting time would be of no harm. Once the lockdown opens, we will do better or we will be in the right zone then. So let’s not push ourselves and enjoy these months by watching movies, eating junk, and staying unhealthy. Does it sound like you too? Somehow a lot of people got or still are in this trap and are yet unaware. So the initial move has to be that one acknowledges the fact that this will not be the same forever. You do not have to get used to these mini vacays and realize that time is ticking. It won’t wait for anyone. So realize this and get started with what you wanted to do in the year 2021.


Having a schedule will push you to get started and come on track with discipline. I know that this is tough but all you got to do is start. One thing at a time, take baby steps by focusing on waking up an hour early and reading or meditating. Whichever fits best for you. Do this for a minimum of 21 days & it will be a habit. Move forward with working out, adding reading habits and your daily work routines. Scheduling builds stability and calms your mind as things are well planned and go in sync.

Make a list of things you wanted to do in 2021

When the New year gets closer, some of us start planning for resolutions and prepare a list of things we’d do in the next year. Assuming you have one ready already, start executing it. If you don’t then what are you waiting for? Go and get started!
I understand that a lot of things we all planned included stepping out of the house but now that we can’t it does not mean we should pause the work. None of us imagined that all the business will shift online but see it had to & some of them are doing fabulous work out there and earning profits. Know that “Change Is The Only Constant” and if you don’t accept then life will teach you the hard way. Share ideas and plans with friends, family, or network on Linkedin with others. For example, if you had plans for studying abroad, now you can’t so opt for online mini-courses, get to learn more about your field of interest, take up lectures online. It is far better than sitting and waiting for your ticket to arrive. This will not only help in getting better but also carve a path to greater opportunities out there.

Focus On Health

No excuses left as the biggest excuse was that we don’t get time or are always out for work. Well now you are indoors and each and everyone saves at least an hour by avoiding traveling. So utilize that by exercising, meditating, or having zumba sessions. Physical movement is much needed as staying home makes one lethargic. Get on a schedule, work out, eat healthily, and keep your core strong. This will benefit a lot in the longer run, you can mark my words.

Reading & Podcasts

Ah, I know you have read this literally everywhere and it is all over the place. Guess what we cannot escape the reality all time. I’ll just highlight what wonders reading or listening to great podcasts can do and you can decide for yourselves.
a. Improvises Communication Skills
b. Helps you comprehend better
c. Opens / Broadens your mind
d. Helps in knowing yourself
e. Upscale your thinking

and many more. If you wish to know more about it, do let me know by commenting on this blog and I will share a blog on the same. Meanwhile, at the end of the blog you will find some podcasts you might enjoy.

Take Up Activities & Sessions Online

We all need a break from the monotonous work & negativity around. What better than taking up activities and sessions online. These days all businesses are trying their best to get their work going by providing free sessions and activities. Doing new things will give you a break from daily thinking and you’ll feel fresh, active, and more creative. Some of the activities you can try:
Meeting new people on
Join VW activity club by sending a Dm on VIBES WITHIN ~ Self Help Blog (@vibeswithinn) • Instagram photos and videos . We plan on coming up with amazing creative activities that you’ll love!

Beginning with even a few of the things mentioned above will be very beneficial for you. Always remember, Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going.

Do let me know in the comment section if the blog was helpful and what are your plans and hobbies. Let’s collaborate and bring great things to the world.

Some Other Ways To Get Productive In Lockdown


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