Night Routine That Will Help You Get Closer To Your Goals.

There are a lot of days where we see something and feel that Why can’t we do that or I think I should start XYZ hobby but end up doing none saying the days are hectic or tiring due to professional life. Well here’s a wake-up call, “All these can be managed well with a better Routine.” Yes, you read it write, It Can Be Sorted Out. A few months back I could relate to this very closely so one day I decided to go ahead and explore my own ways to find what fits the best. I managed to pick the habits that work the best for me and I think these are some habits that might help you all as well. Cannot believe it? Let’s jump to the routine and let the facts do the talking. Also to make your night routine easier, here’s the first template of Night Planner by Vibes Within! . You can print it.

Night Routine That Will Help You Get Closer To Your Goals. 1

You are pumped up already, aren’t you?

Here are 11 Habits to strictly adhere to:

Have A Fix Time For Finishing Up The Work

Imagine going to school at 7 am in the morning and studying for 6 hours or at times even 10 hours at a stretch. Not knowing when you will be back home or have a meal or even watch your favorite cartoon. Sounds tiring and frustrating right? See yourself right now, aren’t you doing the same? Not having a fixed working hour due to remote working and flexible timings, skipping meals, and ignoring self-care. Won’t it be frustrating even now?
It is really essential to have a fixed working hour so you can make some time in your day for other healthy habits and routines. This would be setting the base for your steady growth and a better life.

Take A Coffee/Snack Break

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Regardless of working time, always have a short snacking break after work. A tea/coffee break helps you release stress and gives a fresh start for your next few hours. Do anything in the break except for moving or working out. This time is just for you to relax and release the stress which will help you get out of the work zone.

Spend 15 Minutes Watching Content of Your Interest

After your short break of Snacks, switch on to your favorite content. Try avoiding movies or shows that are hours long because we all know once we sit to watch we end up binge-watching. To not fall in that trap opt for Independent content that is short and is not connected to another video. This will not only help you to think broadly but also in avoiding binge-watch. Watching something of your own choice freshens up and lightens your mood which eventually gets you in a different creative zone where you are all pumped up or motivated. I follow some genres and content for this break time that gets me going. Do let me know in the comment section if you would like to read a blog on it.

Workout For 20-30 Minutes

Self-isolation special: A full-body circuit workout you can do at home |  Daily Sabah

Just move your body for a while once on the whole busy day of yours. Movement is an integral part, as it helps to ease down and relax. When we exercise, our body releases dopamine and endorphins in our brain which in turn makes us happy. Once you feel fresh and happy it just motivates you to do something better that results in increased productivity. I personally love working out and I use it as a tool when I am feeling lethargic or too bored, I will just start working out and it just takes me to the best mood.

Use it as a never give up tool, a way of releasing toxic thoughts or anger, whatever because in the end, it will be beneficial for your physical health. Note, not to start off with a high-intensity workout. It will do nothing but tiring and your interest will be lost in a day or two. Here’s a beginners workout that will help you.

Happy Workout!!

Have A Calming Session

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What would be the best thing after a workout than having a hot bath or shower? Stick to this one habit for sure and I can tell you that you’ll see wonders in your coming days. Bathing helps you calm down, after a workout, it is the icing on the cake as it can help bring your body from stiff and overloaded to supple and rejuvenated. It relaxes your muscles. Bath will keep you all fresh and switch your mind into a calming zone.

Journaling/ Reflecting On The Day

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I have mentioned this in almost every blog. I can’t stress enough how important this is for a peaceful and growing mind. Just how in childhood some of us wrote every detail about how we feel, what we want, how the day was, the Same is required even now. Journaling helps you to understand yourself better and only you yourself can help you better. So it is one of the most used techniques to understand and get close to your own self. There would be times you might just feel like what’s there to write and some days would be, “This feels so good, I am feeling light.” Take out at least 15 minutes to reflect on your day so you know what you need to do next to get closer to your goals or get things done.

Have A Meal

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Yes, I know it might sound stupid to add this as the meal is mandatory but here is where people make mistakes. They tend to forget this very thing which leads to degrading health and habits. So Do Not forget to add this to your list and adhere to the same timing. You are what you eat, is true to its core, and along with that eating on time is too. If the time keeps changing, it confuses your mind which is reflected in your daily mood swings and work.


reading routine

“The World Belongs To Those Who Read.” Well, we cannot deny the truth that reading can solve a lot of your problems, be it a mindset or running a business. So why not get better? I know not everybody is a fan of reading but to start off with you can read Blogs by CNBC , can follow Pinterest blogs (I am listing down few blog links that might be helpful). Reading will give you different perspectives and also help you in articulating your thoughts so it’s a win-win situation for you since you will benefit in all ways.

Connect With Your Close Ones

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The whole day gets hectic as you work and focus on yourself but it is also important to have work and life balance both. Take some time out to spend time with family or friends. This could be done either via meets, chats, or anything that suits the best but do connect and share your personal life. Try avoiding business talks as it will help you stay away from the work zone at that moment and enjoy the time together.

Sleep Schedule

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Stay away from your phone 30 minutes prior to sleep and stick to the same sleeping time each day. The sleep cycle is important and should not be ruined. It might sound very simple or can be ignored but it affects your moods and your next day as you will be either lethargic or sleepy.
11) Keep It Consistent: Last but not least just be consistent and work on your routines and mindset and you will see wonders happening in your life.

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