10 Habits For Faster Growth

We all have been facing a lot of mental fatigue and irritation these days and a major part of it is due to the pandemic effects, I mean, of course, we were all excited at the beginning thinking, “oh how great it would be to have all days as SUNDAY.” Now I see my friends saying they are dying to stop this All Day Sunday Plan. I remember facing the same issue and being worried about what to do and that’s when I came up with few habits that would help me and guess what? It did!! In this conversation, I realized why not share a few of these habits that will actually help each individual to do better and will also improvise self-growth 10x. Let’s have a look at what they are…


Every morning ensure you spend an hour by yourself by reading a book that will help you think of things you never thought of, something that makes you bring change, information that leads you to do better in life, at your workplace, or many more. If you are not really a book person you can always opt for a Podcast or an audiobook. Here’s something to get you started with,

Power hour will definitely help you in lifting up your self Confidence, add value to your life, and inspire you to do better.

Setting 3 Routines For The Day

Divide your day into three parts, 1st is Morning Routine, 2nd is Noon Routine & 3rd is Night Routine. Segregate work according to your energy levels and how time and energy-consuming the tasks are. This will make you efficient in your work resulting in better outputs. Mornings are usually the best time to go ahead with tasks that requires a lot of brainstorming. Since not a lot of people would disturb in the morning, it will help you in thinking peacefully (without any external interference).

Implementing One Good Thought In A Day

Whenever you sit down to make your TO DO LIST, try adding one good thought for the day. By good thought, it means it can be about self-confidence, gratefulness, inspiring, or many more. These thoughts keep you going and also builds habits subconsciously that will be beneficial.

Keeping A Track Of Water & Vibes

Water is something that does have an impact on your skin, body, and guess what? Mental Health too. It balances your mood and keeps you refreshed. Vibes are another important factor that needs to be prioritized by each and every individual. Keep a keen eye on how you feel when you do a certain activity or talk to a person. Vibes can make you or break you that will have a long-lasting impact. If you are facing negativity on a daily basis the chances of you moving ahead and growing decreases exponentially because your mind is completely drained by it. So keep a check on the vibe and avoid associating with negativity.

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Spending An Hour By Yourself

Just how we give importance to all the relationships and prioritize the day accordingly so that each relation of yours be it professional or personal goes smooth. Don’t you think it is important to have a similar pattern for your own self where you be by yourself, spend time taking care, and just enjoying your Me time? Haven’t tried yet then you should give it a shot. I get it that it’s at times scary to even think of spending time by yourself assuming what if we start overanalyzing. Let me break the bubble for you, the more you run away from spending time with yourself the more power you give to the fear of STUPIDITY.

Yes, it is nothing but a fear which is so stupid that when faced we laugh at our own self. One really helpful activity that I would like to suggest is the one shared by a TEDx speaker, he talks about daily practice by just making 3 columns 1st What are my Fears? 2nd If I don’t face them how will it affect me? If I face them, what will happen?

By simply answering these questions and thinking critically will help you with a clear vision of what your next approach should be. This is a must-try recommendation. Trust me it works!! Would not want to lie that it might give you pain as well and make things uncomfortable at the beginning but everything new that we do is anyways scary so why not dive in and have a look.

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Let Go Things For Peace Of Mind

Ugh I am tired of my colleagues, my family, and friends. They drain me and are they don’t get me or appreciate my plans. I know these sentences will be the most relatable ones. I have a question for you when you already know that few people are going to disagree then why hold on to those conversations, those opinions? Just accept things or let it go. Holding on to it would only hurt you. So believe in yourself and do things. Mental peace over everything so take efforts on making yourself understand rather than making other people understand whom you know won’t get you completely. If nothing then at least you gave a shot on yourself which is awesome and satisfying to an extend.

Journaling Or Talking It Out

Jot down all the points, thoughts, positivity, negativity that comes in on your daily basis. It could be even getting furious about nothing. These are the days where you are looking out for someone who can hear you out or validate your feelings by saying yea it’s okay Relax. But don’t you think you yourself should be the one to say that? The more we rely on ourselves the closer we get to ourselves. The most effective tactic would be journaling all your thought s and just closing the book for the day. After a day or two when you are feeling better just take the book and read it. Those points would make no sense to you or you might just call it petty.

Find Purpose In Your Daily Life

Some of us have our life goal set and some still look out for it, it could be even like opening an ice cream shop someday. We tend to work hard for it on a daily basis but then comes those cloudy days where all sorts of mood swings happen, you negotiate with yourself on work, important things and whatnot. Then comes a breaking point where you feel that you have lost all the motivation. Well, in the end, we are all Humans. If not taken care of we are bound to get lost. So a simple way would be to have a purpose in life but have a daily purpose too. It could be, working out today for better health, taking a skincare routine by end of the day for healthy skin. This will keep you motivated and cheerful throughout the day.

Fake It Till You Make It

We have all heard this and partially believe too. This is the ultimate way to keep going and do better. Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook says she applies this in her personal life too. If you are feeling low just take a break and start pretending to do something progressive. Within some time you will start feeling better and won’t even bother about how you were feeling before. That is majorly because of the power and push that you give yourself. Focus on the good and you will find ways to make it better, focus on the bad and you shall see negativity hounding rather than solving it.

Challenge Yourself Daily

Take up things that challenges you daily. Could be things that physically challenge you or maybe mentally. Whatever the challenge may be, remember in the end it’s YOU who grows and comes out stronger. So face the challenges and keep moving ahead.

These were the 10 Habits that can help you grow faster. This is an upgraded version of the previous blog.

Do not get overwhelmed! If you are a beginner just pick the top 3 habits that might work for you and just get started. Do let me know in the comment section how helpful the blog was or if there is anything more you would like to know next.

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