#1 Secret Of Being Happy

All those talks about having to surround yourself with good vibes, being positive, to attract positive to attract the same energy around you, being happy with what you have. You must have thought about what it really means, where has it really got you?

We want to surround ourselves with good vibes. Everyone wants people around them who would appreciate them, make them feel good to make them realize that they are special. We look for someone we can relate to, who would compliment us over little things, who would encourage us on every little step. Wouldn’t all those things fit into a perfect wholesome package of “good vibes”? And god help us if we couldn’t find it!

Let’s say you are perfectly happy with your life. You have the perfect company around you, you seem to get along with people just fine, everything seems to fall right in place when it comes to your work life, even your parents have a completely unbiased opinion towards your choices. In that case, you wouldn’t think about that person who could have got under your skin or all of the ways that meeting could have gone wrong or that one thing your father could have disagreed over. My point is, a happy person doesn’t think about all the things that could have made him unhappy.

Think about it this way, wanting to have a perfect environment around us has actually made us pinpoint the bad aspects about it, ignoring all the good parts that still are or could be and focusing on all the bad parts which we shouldn’t even bother ourselves with. We are being so delusional about having a perfect life that it is actually making us a meticulous prick.

This creates such a paradox that you yourself are being so negative about your life, that you start to generate bad vibes without even realizing it. And ironically, you become the person you don’t want to be around.

It’s not the good vibes that you want around you, it’s the good vibes within you. So stop looking for something into people that you can relate, accept them with their differences. Stop wanting for people to admire you, accept then with their disagreement, or even hate. Stop looking for someone to believe in you, accept them with their doubts. Stop looking for energy around you to grow, look for the energy within. Don’t look for good vibes, influence good vibes.

Good vibes

Now the next time you pass a sign saying ‘good vibes only’ or ‘fuck bad vibes’ you know it’s not implied to someone around you, it’s implied to you.

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