Gratitude to the Pedagogue (Teachers)

There was a time we made mischief,
But our teachers helped us to mend our ways.
A fine career and a little respect,
Is through what a student pays.

We pestered them with question,
And made sure they once cry.
And never did they stopped believing in us,
And never did they question us “Why?”

Being grateful is what they taught,
By punishing the ones getting caught.
They never lost their trust in us,
Even if we were smart or not.

As I look back upon the time,
I can’t stop thinking this through,
If we had to step in their shoes,
Would it be justice that we do?

They taught us to make lemonade,
At times when life throws lime.
How much trouble we might’ve ever caused,
They blessed us to do nothing but shine.

We are today what we are,
It’s all because of them,
Our live was changed upside down
from the moment in they came.

*Straight from my heart for all the teachers.*

~ Stuti Nair

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