The Toxicity of Opinions

People say it is good, to be frank and completely open to your close ones. It makes you feel better when you share things with them and take advice because who doesn’t like to be heard? Everybody needs someone who’ll listen to them and be there for them. But everything has good and bad effects and so does sharing. It is not completely true that you’ll get the best advice from your dear ones. Sharing things are good but one should know the right time, place and person to share things. All of these three aspects have to be spot on because it really matters when, where and to whom you share it. You really never know who’ll be good to you or who’ll take you for granted. The millennials believe that their friends are everything to them. They are smart, honest, cool and loving which is not really true. Hardly people get good friends who listen to and share good knowledge and advice. There are people who take information from you in exchange of sympathy. But not all sympathies are good.

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There are different types of people, some people just pretend to be good from the outside and in reality they are really opposite from the inside. They might just give you the wrong advice so that things go wrong. For example, if you think you are capable of performing on stage but still you seek advice from your friend then there are chances that they will give you wrong advice and demotivate you to pull you down and you’ll end up listening to them. So they mess up things very badly and are obstacles in your way to success. There are also people who just blabber things to ignore you or your conversation because they find your conversation boring, senseless or many more reasons. So just to shut you up they’ll say things and won’t mean a word which can be dangerous for you. Then there are people who are like angels on earth who will genuinely listen to you and will advise you and would want good for you. They might go to any level or beyond to help you and you can witness this easily by their actions.

But sharing leads to more negative things. It is often seen that when one gets used to sharing and they share everything with someone it leads to confusion and makes one weaker in decision making. He/she will always need a piece of advice from that one person for what to do next thing. It also weakens one from the inside because they slowly become dependent on another person to help in decision making and other stuff.

For example, being confused about what to wear for a college festival or even to attend the regular lectures. One gets used to sympathy so much that he/she will crave it as the brain has accepted it and it has turned into a habit that I want to be weak so that people help me and be there for me.

All this weakens your mind and does no good to you. So it’s not just your friends or close ones who are ruining things but it’s also you yourself who is accelerating it.

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