Who is Really Beautiful?

YOU ARE NOT BEAUTIFUL! How many times does a person has to listen to this shattering statement before they realize that the noise this world imposes on you is nothing but a reaction of themselves?


The definition of beauty says a combination of qualities such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. Now the definition of true beauty says that it is something that comes from the inside. Being compassionate and having good character or virtuous traits, having a gentle and kind heart is beauty not only this but your actions matching your words is the beauty. Why do we have two different meanings of beauty? Why do we have to say true beauty for inner beauty? Why aren’t they considered to be one? Also, why don’t we teach the upcoming generations, the future of our country, about this beauty which is going to help them further to build confidence, survive in this competitive world?

Well, the world is so competitive that everybody wants the first position and they are ready to go to any extent where they have lost and forgot about the beauty that is important and that capable of bringing the change, cause development and foster kindness. The world needs more of it.

People with great intelligence and heart might not have that pleasing face and due to that, they don’t get the opportunity or the job that they deserve the most. It is passed on to someone whose face and body shape will help them get their work done faster, seductively or not. But why can’t we give one chance to the intelligence to play its part and bring change? Intelligence can also get work done faster.

Why is facial beauty considered as a criterion in everything? Facial Beauty is just an addition to the other important qualities. What matters the most is the talent, intelligence, passion, and dedication.

Even these materialistic things like makeup, designer outfits, accessories, and other things don’t make the person beautiful just by itself instead, it just adds a little more value to the beauty and it suits on people who are actually beautiful which is something that comes from the inside, that is the confidence. Those diamonds and makeup won’t get you everything they’ll just add value to your beauty. It’s you who has to rock it.

People commenting on you and your face and body structure are not the right ones, in fact, it shows their mentality and how shallow they are. Also before thinking and judging yourself from the people’s point of view, you yourself have to build that confidence that no matter what you just know you are the best and that will bring the change.

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