Beyond Blue

I hope this proves a little helpful to y’all especially to the ones who are experiencing it right now. 

To the people who are experiencing it,

I know you’re going through a lot. So am I. And so is everyone in this world. Maybe some are experiencing less pain compared to you but maybe some are experiencing a lot more. I know you are at a stage where you hate everyone. Where you feel like leaving everything and running off to an island and isolate yourself with some food and music. Where you feel like nobody on this planet can actually understand the real you. Maybe you feel it even now and maybe this feeling will arise again someday in the future. It messes up a person so much at a point where the person just decides to stop caring about everything that’s going on with him. It changes the perspective of the person completely upside down.  That’s when negativity, frustration, sadness, anxiety becomes your best friend. You only allow your mind to capture the negative mood or vibe which is present around you. You will recall all the incidents that had hurt you. You will start overthinking about it. One problem will lead to another. Slowly, you will find that everyone has hurt you. A little fault made by people here and there will suddenly seem huge to you. This will create a bigger problem that wasn’t even there in the first place. I’m sure you don’t wish to spend your life living in this dark pit of negativity. You have to come out of it. It will be tough at first but surely worth the effort. It will be worth your happiness.


To come out of this passively painful situation you have to give an immense amount of love to yourself. Remember that you owe yourself the love you so freely give to others. Be proud of who you are. Speak your mind. Don’t keep things inside your mind. It will complicate situations sometimes. Take yourself out on dates. Spend quality time with yourself. Again, not by sitting idle because it leads to overthinking. Don’t distance yourself from people. Meet your old friends. Refresh your memories. Take your parents out for dinner. Learn something new. Indulge yourself in activities that you thought you’d never be able to do. Set goals. Travel! You’ll always find something different about each place. Learn cooking! Food will never disappoint you! Remember falling down is an accident but staying down is a choice. Get your ass up and start working on yourself.

Instead of telling yourself that you’re tired of everything try telling yourself that you can make it and this won’t stand in your way and break you down because of you… yes, you! You are awesome. Even with no light, you’re going to shine like gold in this mad world. Yes, you’re going to make through this. I know you can. You know you will. After few years, when you’ll look back at these moments.. you will feel really happy that nobody else, but only you were able to bring yourself out of this and you will be very proud of yourself. Show people what you’re made up off. #Chakkdefatte

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