Namaste: Seclusion to Inclusion

With the COVID19, permeating the fabric of our society we as a responsible race should reflect and include some good practices of our ancestors for our safety as well as of others. I normally talk about the immensity and depth of the culture that we are part of because it makes far more sense than any other culture-scape across the world. Namaskar; the way we greet each other in our land was disregarded and discerned by many from the west and westernized Indians. Now it’s gaining importance, it’s been talked about literally everywhere.


 I keep getting intrigued by the depth and dimension of our inclusion. Let’s talk about Namaskar, or Namaste as a process, this culture has always sent the waves signaling that all living beings are connected to the larger cosmos, that everything from atomic to cosmic is made of the same fabric. So according to yoga, the right symmetry of the body is directly connected to the sun and the left symmetry is connected to the moon. The yin yang as the Chinese call it exists within the human system. Namaskar is a simple genuine process to integrate both these dual energies in the system. That’s the physiological & numerological aspect of it. The cultural aspect of this practice is Namaste which is embedded in the very meaning of it. It’s a conjunction of Namah & Aste. It means “I bow down to the ME in You! ” Now that’s inclusion. So in this simple form of greeting there is a deep thought created to address all aspects of human well-being that is physical, psychological, emotional & spiritual!

 If we do this on a regular basis there are enormous benefits of this practice of greeting. Let’s live in inclusion and use isolation to bring progression. I urge you to look at it in a much more sensible way, learn the facts of the matter. Please be interested in the solution rather than solace. Giving solace is the only way to postpone your anxieties. Let’s all unite at this need of hour and do what’s needed.

Let’s Raise Awareness to Raise Our Life!

Understanding the deep meaning of Namaste
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