What if Sunday and Monday are of no difference?

    ‘An ideal mind is a devil’s workshop’. During this quarantine period, with nothing to do or to think of; a thought driven by the devil entered my mind. The thought was: “ What if Sunday and Monday were of no difference? Like forever? ” On any normal day where there is no quarantine or any virus around, this thought would have been absurd. But since all the days of the week are being spent by us as if they were ‘Sundays’ by almost all of us, except for people working from home; my mind exclaimed, “Why not!?”

    Before the lockdown was declared; and we were nowhere near any virus, our Sundays were Sundays and Mondays were Mondays. I mean Sundays were meant to be ‘fun days’. ‘Sunday’ was the only day of the week meant to be the day of total leisure. It was only ‘Sunday’ when we could wake up late, waste our time as we wanted, some productive people would sharpen their minds, hobbies, and skills on Sunday.

We could spend time with our families, enjoy a family trip or a fun family game night. We could enhance our talents, work on something we love to do, we could boost our creativity, create new arts and crafts. Every Sunday, I used to paint pictures to be framed and put up on the walls of my house.

We could read a book, cook anything we like, carry out new experiments with the help of our family members, and carry out lots and lots of fun activities.

Sometimes, Sunday would turn out to be ‘ Barbeque day ’, ‘ Camping Day ’, ‘ Trekking Day ’, ‘ Family Get-together Day ’, etc. And Mondays would be the first day of the week. On Sunday, the school going kids would do anything but study, and from Monday would discipline themselves to be a part of a six-day study week until the next Sunday. What I’m trying to say is, on Sunday, time runs according to us; but for the next six days, we have to run according to the clock’s ticks. Time quickly flies on Sunday; whereas we keep counting days throughout the week and yet weekdays are the longest atrocities for us.

What if Sunday and Monday are of no difference? 1

   But since the last few months, since the government has announced the lockdown and canceled the exams for the students and organized a work from home structure for the working people; the initial days turned out to be as a week full of Sundays; in a row. Isn’t it funny? We used to work on our talents, polish our skills, watch movies, spend time with our families, and do all of those activities that we would do on any normal Sunday. The vibe and the atmosphere in the surroundings were as if the days were meant for enjoyment.

What if Sunday and Monday are of no difference? 2

   Today, it has been over a hundred days since the lockdown was announced and we can not wait for this unwanted, unasked for, unquestioned, and undeserved holidays to end. It is as if nothing else is left for us to do or to work on in life except studying or carrying out our work. All our hobbies, talents, interests, have been worked on by us very well. All we want is our regular routine to begin again. How bored are we!

    The idea of Sunday and Monday having no difference was fun in the beginning, but after the analysis of last four months, I can conclude that it is better to have just one Sunday for many extra activities because having more than one Sunday throughout the week takes away all the fun from it. Having experienced my devil driven thought has made me realize that, the devil never gives any good ideas, so it is better not to pay heed to it.     

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