21 days:The Positive Side of Covid-19

As the Hon’ble PM Mr.Narendra Modi announced the 21 day lockdown period, he made a statement that the nation’s economy needs to bear a cost for this but we have to do it. This triggered some specific thoughts in me. This economy has driven the world, the world was never been so economy driven as it is now. Human beings, a century before or even recently understood there’s more to life than just crude mathematics and statistics. We were slowly losing the aesthetics of life and I feel this breakdown is a period to bring back the lost sense and perception.
Recently, I have been hearing too many great leaders talk about this hour of crisis that we have been going through. I would like to shed some light on this “THE FIGHT AGAINST CORONA VIRUS” as it is put, is a bizarre expression to put on I realize. First of all, we must understand that as per definition ” a virus” doesn’t fit into a traditional definition of a living being. A virus is just RNA ( RIBONUCLEIC ACID) covered by a protein, & it needs a living cell to reproduce or multiply. So the virus is not looking for US nor it is alive enough as we are. The human body as we know it is the most sophisticated mechanism on the planet. We don’t have the slightest idea, just to give you an example of the complexity of the body, all physiological activities that happen within our system cannot be duplicated in its totality ever. Our bodies have their own defense mechanisms for viruses they are called leucocytes. These leucocytes destroy the protein layer of the virus and eventually, the virus ceases to exist. This mutation of Sars-Cov ( that’s is the exact name of the virus COVID19 is the disease caused by it). It’s just that the human body is new to this mutation of Sars- Cov. The body will find its way through this, in India itself we have 87 people cured. Once our bodies find the right defense mechanism of its own, we can rest assured regarding the cure. In fact, I think many of us know this that a vaccine for a disease is actually the virus of the same disease that is injected in our bodies in a dormant state, once the body detects this foreign agent it creates it’s own defenses. Hence If we take care during the incubation period (which is 14-24 days as per WHO ) we can stop the chain. It’s just that we as a population have to stabilize and strengthen our immune system.
Now the immune system is directly connected to our mental states, the more we are in an emotionally better state or in good vibes, we give a boost to our immunity, similarly, stress, anxiety leads to poor immunity. We also have certain spices that work magically like turmeric, coriander, clove, black pepper and fruits like Amla, bananas, and others too strengthen your immunity which we can consume on a regular basis.

For mental well-being, we need to stop bothering and try to create good vibes to cope up with all the negative vibes we have been receiving amid Coronavirus news and all the fake forwards and panicking messages. If we keep chanting strong affirmations and believe in it, it will automatically create good vibes and all the negative vibes will be wiped off.
“FIGHT AGAINST CORONA’, this creates a mental tenacity within, we should look at the good side of it and check the positive statistics as well and focus on the cure. Always remember our bodies are recording and responding to each and every detail of our emotions and intentions, that is how vibes are created. Just try this for once, rather than focusing on the death toll that has risen to 27 just focus on the number of cases that has been cured. The number of people cured is obviously more. You will feel the difference in your very system right after reading it. I am sure for a moment you had good vibes and feelings.
Let’s not be a part of spreading fear and spread the heal & hope instead.
I would urge you to KNOW the facts, truth and free yourself from this “Fight Perception”. We are on lockdown because WE humans are the primary source of spreading this to others. We may not be affected but we may pass it on to someone who is weak or vulnerable. That’s the only reason for lockdown. Be sensible and get clarity with the facts and then go about in society with sense. During this tough situation, we have to act as Human Beings (considered to be the most evolved on the planet) and follow the rules imposed by our government.
As Sadhguru puts it,” Being means you should know how to BE”. Let’s get some discipline and responsibility instead of just creating some crude sense of rationale and logic. Thank God that we are in a democracy, or else if this hypocrisy is seen, in an autocratic society we would be seeing more deaths than deaths from COVID-19. Raise your awareness and rise to a new consciousness! Use this time to realize and rejuvenate yourself!!
Have a schedule and stick to it. Spread positive vibes and make yourself and others happy. The world needs it.

For right details and information, follow https://www.who.int/ , https://www.instagram.com/who/

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