Weakness Is My Strength

Have been hearing from a lot of people that stop being so scared, why do you cry so much, you behave as if the world is ending. Firstly F**k you and well, yes people like that do feel that way when they panic, it hardly takes anything to break someone like them. So what they are weak? Are they not allowed to understand their insecurities? Are they not allowed to share their insecurities with people who are close, not allowed to express?

It takes guts to be like that. To be open about the feelings and the weaknesses, it takes guts to let people know about weaknesses. Not scared that someone will come and take advantage of it. You know why? Because when they have the guts to share then they also have the power to get up on their own and start all over again.
People who are not straight forward and hide their insecurities are the ones to be told to grow up and face it.
Yes, they might come off as easy-going and vulnerable but also good at heart. Kind enough that even when things go wrong or someone does bad to them, they still wish to help. Even though it hurts they choose to forgive and forget. Be by the side even when there is no one. Do not bully or take advantage of weak people. Respect, help and make them feel comfortable and if you do not wish to do so then don’t even dare to come close.
Also, there might be people who really wish to help you but don’t know how to do or are trying to but you cannot understand it. Be calm and understand the process, the person might be going through something really tough. Instead of questioning try to love that person and do not expect anything in return for the start. Once they come out of their issues and insecurities they will value it. Might not appreciate enough but will value for sure.
Please appreciate little gestures guys, the world needs more kind people. Being a bitch never helped anyone.

Lastly, to all the people out there who are insecure, feel trapped, are weak yet have dreams, DO NOT STOP, just move up. Try to achieve things one by one. Try to raise your opinions. Learn and move ahead, if your friends or anyone don’t respect it then understand why they don’t and if that makes no sense (logically) then you need to change the group. There will be thousands of people to pull you down, but don’t give up. Go and pick up all your pieces again and learn to fix it by loving yourself, hug all your insecurities and turn all your weaknesses into strength. Go out there and try everything that you always wished to do but were afraid. The max will happen is you will either not like it but there are odds that you might just end up liking it. So do not hesitate and make mistakes freely. The ones who really care for you will accept you even after all the mistakes you have made but do make sure you don’t repeat it.
Do not regret anything because every moment, fights, highs and lows teach you some or the other life lesson. Give yourself enough love that you don’t require anyone else’s. #BeingUnappologeticallyYourself.

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