It’s All About Finding The Mystery Within You

Mysterious Aura

Give everyone you meet, a smile!

Don’t let your sun die, by sun I mean your aura which you create and makes you shine. Just like our energy we also pass on our aura to others. It is your patience which happens to be your companion of maturity. Despite the widespread belief that intelligence is born, not made. When we really think about it, it is not that difficult to imagine that people can develop their intellectual abilities. Similar to intelligence is your aura. It is developed by you each day. Foster upon your confidence and be in the state to learn each day. You know, it makes a lot of sense!
Float like a butterfly,
Sting like a bee,
Your hands can’t hit
What your eyes can’t see.

You create your presence when you are a good observer, a good listener, and a good speaker. In order to cultivate these habits, you must ensure to stay natural, comfortable in the room full of people. People might display their discomfort and ambiguity but it is you in the room full of people who will make a change. Your values and morals plays a vital role. You might have thought to probably be good to your colleague but not to your janitor. Here is when you lose as a person.
It is your capacity to face unpleasantness, discomfort, and defeat with grace. Graceful should be the inner you which will be reflected in your outer you. No matter how you look, what matters is how you present yourself. Be reasonable! Be witty! With a pinch of humor and you have linked with all that guarantees true happiness. Self-acceptance is another way to create your own presence without being in a doubt about being liked. You will be liked! It is not an overnight task to accept yourself but it is a process that gives you immense energy to make yourself the ultimate YOU, you ever thought of!


Your aura creates the best for you and others when you offer good to people. When you know that the biggest people with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest people with the smallest minds. You know that you have to think big anyway. Calmness is your superpower! Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. It will all be synced with the right energy. Deal with both the practical ones and the philosophical ones. They exactly tell you what not to do and what not to speak. Silence has a mysterious power. You will rightly know when you have to be a wolf and when you have to be a lion. Possess both their qualities.
In a race, between dogs and cheetah to prove who runs faster, once flagged all the dogs started running but the cheetah did not. You don’t always have to prove yourself. At times, that could be an insult to your abilities. Know the right time and right place. You cannot create your aura by being in a false company. Trust your solitude! Contemplate your inner self and act accordingly. Create your presence by just being you, display your qualities in order to create your personality. For the ones who do not thank you, who do not greet you, who do not love you. Don’t worry and don’t feel bad because possibly they don’t have enough to pass on to you. They are not in a state to create their presence. It is your first act to pass onto them because you have enough and they need it.
It’s your self-image that will place you in your life. See yourself as a winner, happy and that is what you become. Create the space for all the positivity and you shall see the sun with hope.
Talk happiness and prosperity to everyone you meet!

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