The Spark is in You.

Spark in our interior man is renewed day after day.

Psychology studies man as a whole unit. A man is divided in parts: body, will, mind, heart & spirit. Normally we go through life without being aware of the parts as separate. Even when conflict arises, he unifies all parts and makes them work in a unified fashion. The personality is threatened by disturbances. We are therefore constantly occupied with reducing or seeking tensions.

The dynamism has an effective will at its core. It can translate decisions into actions in outer life as well as inner life. Thus a life of fulfillment is within the grasp which is within the reach. Though biological life may be a slow inevitable slopping down of age, the psychological should be climbing up. We should value the inner strength for the formation of personal growth. “The years which take away the physical beauty should add inner beauty.”

Wanda Nash’s creative study says that “ The context around us tells us to admire those things that are up and visible; we can cope with us. So the things that are down and hidden are ignored, they don’t count; they have to be forgotten.” We all like to display up emotions. They show we are confident and competent, cheerful and coping. Wake up! We must build up! It is the vocabulary that we use daily. The awareness of personal limitations and acceptance is the starting point of growth. It leads to humility and the foundation of other virtues.

“The practice of humility and modesty is the purification of the depth of the heart and one merger into freedom.” One wants to live independently but neglects the ups and downs of daily life.

Listen to your own rhythm! Much of what you do is mere imitation, sense of duties and notions. One should repeatedly say that, Oh God! I thank you for having created me as I am. People strive their whole life long for beauty but forget to strive for their innermost happiness. There is learning as to how one can discern emotions and know how to balance. One must find peace within themselves and that is when the real growth and acceptance commences. Know the right attachments and rightfully done detachments.

There’s a feeling of being at one with all existence. Don’t be there to want all but want right and real. Your roots and branches will always be surrounded by discomforts but it’s vital how you grow internally. Always pass on your fruits to others, know that your fruits are your energy. Have the ability to learn and always ponder upon your thoughts. Because one is built and guilt in their own thoughts. Know that the empty heads stand up, well-filled will always bow low. A building crashes when it’s the foundation is too weak.

Listen to your inner voice! Bound to be true and live up to the light! Break up the obstacles! Unify your thoughts!

Today too many young people seem dead, they act like they’ve had it all. They are satisfied and fed up. One should always be curious to be alive and learn each day. If you’re out in the cold, turn up the heat. It’s worth it!

Very little is needed to make a happy life, just feel it!

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